Can I get my HomesEstimate reviewed if I believe there are errors?

Can I get my HomesEstimate reviewed if I believe there are errors?

We will take this feedback on board and use it to see if there are systematic issues with the algorithm, but do not change individual HomesEstimates in response to customer feedback. The HomesEstimate is designed to be a neutral, unbiased estimate of the fair market value of a home, based on publicly available and user-submitted data. For this purpose, it is important that it be based on identical information about homes (e.g. beds, baths, house size, land area, rates assessment, prior sale price) and that the algorithm itself be consistently applied to all homes in a similar manner. This ensures that there is no preference for some homes relative to others nor are there valuations based on facts that are not accessible to all users. Some homes may be very unique in ways that are not well captured by existing data and the HomesEstimate may be less accurate on these homes.

The exception to this is if you have recently received a formal valuation for your property or a CMA from a Real Estate Agent. To have your HomeEstimate reviewed using a formal valuation or CMA follow these simple instructions.
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    • Can I use the HomesEstimate to get a loan?

      No. The banks in New Zealand require a formal valuation by a registered Valuer to be done on a property in order to register a loan against that property.  The HomesEstimate is not a formal valuation and is not a registered Valuer.
    • Why is my Capital Value different than my HomesEstimate?

      There a number of reasons why the HomesEstimate might be quite different from your current Capital Value. These include: Capital Values are calculated at quite long intervals, usually every three years. The HomesEstimate is re-calculated every month. ...
    • What is the HomesEstimate?

      The HomesEstimate valuation is our estimated market value, computed using a proprietary formula. It is not a formal valuation. It is a starting point in determining a home's value. The HomesEstimate is calculated from data available to, ...
    • Will the HomesEstimate ever change?

      Yes. A team of statisticians are constantly working to make the HomesEstimate more accurate. is continually updating the approach used to estimate the value of your home, and any new sales or property information is used to update and ...
    • What's in the HomesEstimate Formula?

      We use proprietary automated valuation models that apply advanced algorithms to analyse our data to identify relationships within a specific geographic area between this home-related data and actual sales prices. Home characteristics such as house ...