What is median days to sell?

What is median days to sell?

The median number of days a property similar to yours takes to sell. Days to sell is measured from the date a property is listed as for sale on homes.co.nz to the date that it is sold. The sale date is sourced from our agent-supplied sale records and/or council sale records.

For example, you own a 3 bed, 2 bath townhouse in Waiwhetu. Based on the three relevant sales in the area this would be the median:

  • Sale 1: 12 Mark Street, Waiwhetu - 55 days

  • Sale 2: 67 Sam Street, Waiwhetu - 35 days (This is the median)

  • Sale 3: 35 Paul Street, Waiwhetu - 33 days

The percentage difference is calculated by comparing the current 180-day period with the previous 180-day period. For example, Dec 2022 - Jun 2022 VS Jun 2022 - Jan 2022. 

This data is updated daily.

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