Are related-party transactions included in the HomesEstimates calculations?

Are related-party transactions included in the HomesEstimates calculations?

No. The HomesEstimate is intended to provide an estimate of the price that a home would fetch if sold in a full-value, arms-length sale (e.g. the sale isn't for partial ownership of the property or between family members).  

This means that when related-party transactions for a property have been recorded by the council, we will show these transactions on for that property, but ignore it for the purposes of estimating HomesEstimates in the area.

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    • Are mortgagee sales included in the HomesEstimate calculations?

      Yes. These transactions are still considered to be a reasonable estimate for the market value of properties in the area and will be included.
    • How often are the HomesEstimates updated?

      We aim to update the HomesEstimates for all homes fortnightly.
    • Does delete HomesEstimates?

      We do not delete HomesEstimates. We believe that making these value estimates available for everyone to access makes the property market in New Zealand work better and more transparent.